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~ Rules and Guidelines ~

Post by Joe on Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:37 pm

Here's how this is going to work. I (Bap), will be posting several premade ARCs that can be roleplayed out with several people. Each ARC will stay open for as long as there is roleplay. If it needs to be active, I will make sure it is. I, myself, won't be roleplaying in the ARCs, but I will be narrating them and posting scenes to roleplay along with.

The way it works, is that there will be third place, second place, and first place; and two runner-ups. Each person in those slots will get a custom rank and be placed in a group for roleplay winners. You'll also be announced on the announcement and acknowledged for your roleplay skills. I know it's not much to offer, but it's all I can do.

Here are set rules and guidelines for each ARC. Of course, each ARC will have it's own set of custom rules made out to make it more challenging if need be.

  1. The Roleplay Arena is T1 strict, or Multi-Paragraph style roleplay. Anything not in those categories will be removed. We like all roleplayers, but the ARCs are set up for advanced roleplayers to determine their skills against one another.

  2. You post in turns, and you wait for your turn to post. Once all character slots are filled, and the users post their intros/starters, I will make the post order, and that's how it'll go. It'll keep it fair and organized.

  3. The prizes for the winners and runner-ups are as followed:

    First Place: 1st Place Roleplay Arena Rank, Roleplay Arena Winners Group, and Announcement displaying your skills and achievement.

    Second Place: 2nd Place Roleplay Arena Rank, Roleplay Arena Winners Group, and Announcement displaying your skills and achievement.

    Third Place: 3rd Place Roleplay Arena Rank, Roleplay Arena Winners Group, and Announcement displaying your skills and achievement.

    Runner-ups: Runner-ups Arena Rank

  4. There is to be no arguing over God Moding, Over Poweredness, or anything. The character roles, what they do, and how they look are predetermined. I'll make it equally fair, it just all depends on how you execute the characters and strategies against one another.

  5. The reason the ARCs are pre-determined and set up, is to give advanced roleplayers a chance to get out of their comfort zone and roleplay something entirely made up and premade for them. It makes it more fun and more challenging in my opinion. I don't want any arguments or anything based on the characters. If you have any problems with the character, then you are free to challenge me to a roleplay fight and duke it out with me.

  6. Don't make any Out Of Character posts. If you have something you wish to say, say it at the end of your post within "{}", "()", or "[]" Remember, meta-gaming is not allowed. Any information you post about a move, or the character is kept out of character and no one else has information for your character.

  7. All standard multi-paragraph roleplay rules apply. No God Moding, no being Over Powered. Use logic and reason within your posts. There are a list of T1 rules on this forum as well, so if you feel you need to go over them, then do so.

  8. Also, be nice to each other. As I said, we are a fair community and we're nice to one another. Keep it that way.

  9. Keep your posts grammatically correct, and without any punctuation errors. I would love to read posts without having to mention edits being made or posts being void. I'm sure other users who couldn't partake in the ARC at hand would want to read it too. As long as it's correct.

Honestly, there should be no problems within the ARC itself technical-based. Don't ostracize me just because I'm 16 either. I know I may seem too young to run a roleplay arena let alone a website. I assure you, if you have a problem with me; tell me and we can sort it out. I'm nice, and I dislike meaningless pointless conflicts.

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