~ Creepypastas Rules ~

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~ Creepypastas Rules ~

Post by Joe on Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:34 am

'allo guys and gals. Bap here. Let's go over some rules for the Creepypastas of the forum right quick. Now, everyone loves Creepypastas, and the way they strike fear and nightmares into everyone. Hence, why I added the right to put them on AnimeTalk.

  1. Now, since AnimeTalk is a kid-friendly community, we will also allow excessive gore description for Creepypastas since this an 'enter-at-your-own-risk' forum. Therefore, if you read the Creepypastas, and they disturb you, that's on you, not the community.
  2. Now, I know there are sexually graphic Creepypastas out there, but I am asking for them to not be posted on AnimeTalk. We are against anything sexual that would cause parents to rage at me. I'm only 16, I don't need such matters on my hands.
  3. There is to be no racism involved in any of the Creepypastas that you post here. As I have mentioned before; people from all walks of life will come and go into AnimeTalk, and we accept any and all races. We don't need them feeling insulted because of their race being insulted.
  4. Trolling is regarded as a sin in AnimeTalk, and it will not be tolerated. Trolling is listed as a topic that would disrupt and cause a commotion within an online community willingly and within notice. Any and all trolling posts will be removed, and the topics that don't belong here will be moved or deleted based on material included within them.
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