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Kazeatari Tenkuu | Naruto

Post by Joe on Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:31 pm

Name: Kazeatari Tenkuu

Clan: Tenkuu; The Tenkuu clan is a clan that's more or less endangered. The members are trained to use the bloodline limit of white chakra. Which is dense wind nature chakra molded with their regular chakra naturally. So far, Kazeatari is the only known clan member that exists.

Sage Mode: Kazeatari also has a sage mode that he acquired from an extensive amount of training with his master. He maintains the title of Fox Sage, and his white fox - Kitsune - is his summoning familiar. He's able to use a type of visible white wind along with the blue fox fire that Kitsune utilizes to deliver a powerful combo.

Age: 27

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 163 lbs

Blood Type: AB+

Chakra Natures: Water, Wind, and Earth

Kekkei Tota: Rust Release is a powerful kekkei tota that combines the Water, Wind, and Earth elemental natures. Techniques of this nature appear as a fine maroon-colored dust created from chakra that cause rust and decay with everything they come into contact with. Being in dust form, the small particles can be difficult to see making them even deadlier if they can cloud up an area. The main drawback of Rust Release techniques is that they cannot be used to effect chakra-based objects without obscene amounts of chakra to back them up, rendering them useless against such things as clones.

DOB (Date of Birth): 07/18/1986

Rank: Kage/Shodai Tetsukage

Character Appearance: Kazeatari appears differently than most ninja out there. He favors the color black, since it represents emptiness and longevity in his clan. He's donned his outfit since his sage days, and has made very little tweaks to it over the years. He sports a long black shirt with a grey hard leather vest strapped to his torso. Over that is a long black overcoat that drapes down past his knees and rolled up cuffs at his wrists. His pants are the standard shinobi black loose leggings with white tape around his right thigh. At his feet are a pair of shin-high black strapped sandals that open at the back and front of his feet. Much to his favor, he keeps a black sash around his waist with two swords of different size that he hardly uses at all. Around his neck is the Tetsugakure headband and a pair of black goggles he had received from his clan at a young age. Due to his rust release, he's to wear black gloves at his hands for protection against his own creation (Which still harms him anyways). Around his neck and down his back is his sage scroll, which he hardly carries around unless he's in the village just wandering around. His hair is black, and hangs down one side of his head down to his right shoulder, his bangs being moved out of the way to allow his vision to be accurate. His eyes are pure white due to a mishap when he was a little kid.

Known Jutsus:

1) Decay - The user's hand becomes coated in a brown material that carries a faint smell of death. The hand that has been coated in the brown material causes all that it touches to start decaying slowly leaving nothing but dust in the end. This works both ways as well, any of his own body parts touched by his hand will begin to decay until it becomes nothingness, the hand that is coated in the brown material is the only thing that is immune. Chakra-based techniques are unaffected by Decay however.
Drawbacks: As mentioned, the technique can only be cast on the right hand of Kazeatari. If he touches any other part of his body, the move will ultimately affect him as well. The one main drawback to the move is that it consumes a lot of chakra to just keep it active.

2) Rust Release: Destruction Field - The user creates a large coating of the aforementioned brown material over the ground. Controlled by his right hand, the user is capable of willing the brown material - now an expansive mist of dust - to attack targets, as if willing a massive serpent to do his bidding. Like the Decay technique it does not effect Chakra-based techniques, but it may destroy everything else that it touches. The Destruction Field also has a prolonged effect, as the dust particles leave the majority of the mass and cloud the air, becoming a danger to anyone and anything in the area.
Drawbacks: Now, Kazeatari may be able to control the rust with his hand, but it also remains in the air and it will effect him too if he's not careful. He can disable the move anytime and cause the rust to dissipate, or a fire nature jutsu will completely burn and destroy it. The main drawback is like Decay, it consumes a massive amount of chakra to maintain the move.

3) Rust Release: Perfect Defense: The user creates a large coating of brown material over the ground. Controlled by his right hand, the user erects a barrier around themselves, creating a perfect defense. Unlike the other abilities of the Rust Release the Perfect Defense may stop Chakra based techniques though it requires and extreme amount of Chakra making it impossible to hold the technique for a prolonged amount of time.
Drawbacks: Being inside the barrier doesn't mean he's entirely protected from his own move. If he comes in contact with the rust, then it'll start to decay at his flesh and clothing. The shield can be penetrated from below by digging underneath it. There is no such thing as a 'perfect' defense. Again, the move consumes a lot of chakra and being able to repel chakra-based moves would be problematic.

4) Wind Release: Reaching Talon - After forming the needed hand signs (Hare, Tiger, Ox, Monkey, Dog), the user creates an upsurge of violent winds around their hand. Using this wind, they have an increased reach for physical attacks as well as one of two modifiers: they can either have greater impact if the attack connects, or the attacks gain a slicing effect, able to cleave most objects in two. Also, the talon can "grab" targets by encasing the target in wind that may blow them in whichever direction the user chooses.
Drawbacks: There are a couple drawbacks for the move. For one, the move can also effect Kazeatari if he isn't careful of how he controls the wind surrounding his hand. The move itself requires a great amount of control in order to maintain it. More chakra can be poured into the move to allow for a more devastating effect, but more control would also need to be applied in order to maintain it. The move itself can be cancelled out with a powerful enough earth-based ninjutsu that would render it useless.

5) Wind Release: Heavenly Vengeance - This technique is an immensely powerful Wind Release ninjutsu created by Kazeatari himself. He takes advantage of the air currents present in the atmosphere with his wind natured chakra to produce a compacted and violently rotating wind disc, which hovers several hundred feet in the air. He then adds further quantities of his wind chakra to expand the disc and make it rotate even faster. At this stage, the wind disc is very large. Finally, Kazeatari brings the technique down on his target, creating a titanic explosion that may destroy nearly anything in its path. Due to the fact that the technique uses actual wind, as opposed to chakra, the Heaven's Vengeance is far stronger than an ordinary Wind Release technique. His teacher has even said that his Wind Release is inferior to it. The technique is so destructive that it seems to be a punishment from the gods, which prompted Kazeatari to give it its name.
Drawbacks: Now, I know the move may seem a bit Overpowered, but it's far from it in fact. In order to take control of the actual wind would take a lot of concentration, and he'd be open for any move that may be present in his vicinity. He adds a large amount of chakra to the move itself, so much that it tires him out after using it. Leaving him at a large disadvantage against his opponent. It may have the destructive power to destroy anything in it's path, but it can also be easily dodged if done correctly. A big Earth Release move can also render the move useless. The move itself can only be used once every 10 posts.

6) Wind Release: Vacuum Blade - The user exhales wind-infused chakra on to a weapon in order to increase its sharpness, range, and lethality. This has been shown in two different ways; first, the user can infuse a kunai to resemble a makeshift sword. The user can also exhale wind on to shuriken to increase their range, cutting power, and speed, making them further unavoidable.
Drawbacks: The move itself is entirely based on the amount of chakra used. Kazeatari is known to use a kunai or the swords he has on his hip with this jutsu. The move itself doesn't last long (3 posts) before he loses control over the chakra that cloaks the blades. It can only be used once every 3 posts.

7) Wind Release: Vortex Armor - This technique conjures an aura of shredding winds around the user. In actuality, this technique is a two-fold defense. First, a layer of pressurized and compressed air is "hardened" and generated around the body of the user, coating the skin. A second layer then swirls around the body at intense speed. This outer layer is the emphasis of the technique: the wind is moving and revolving at such a high speed that it effectively slices and cuts whatever it comes into contact with. This technique can be used either defensively or offensively. In terms of defense, it offers an excellent deterrent to close quarters combat and other techniques, namely projectiles, as the winds will tear and disrupt whatever gets close. A constant stream or a larger, powerful and coordinated attack could breach the barrier. In terms of offense, this skill has good synergy with taijutsu, adding a layer of protection while lending physical strikes the devastating power of tearing winds.
Drawbacks: Like the rest of Wind Release techniques, Vortex Armor suffers a weakness from Fire Release. In the worst case scenario, even a simple Fire Release technique can spiral into a raging inferno, trapping the Vortex Armor user in the heart of the flame. This technique also requires a high amount of chakra to use, as well as a continuing supply to maintain. Should the user run out of chakra, enough to cause the protective layer on their skin to fail, they run the risk of being sliced to ribbons by their own technique.

Cool Wind Release: Massive Wind Devastation: A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into wind, and then expelled from the mouth in a massive stream of intense wind that can destroy a vast area, taking down multiple enemy's. If used upon dense terrain such as a forest, the confined area can greatly increase the damage rate. The wind remains invisible,all the enemy see's is a distortion and may get hit by the incredible storming wind.
Drawbacks: This move is completely avoidable in two ways: Going in the air above the move or going below ground underneath the move. It can also be sent back at the user by using a powerful fire release technique to stop the flow of the wind and send it back at the caster. Since it exhausts a large amount of chakra in the body, it can only be used once every 10 posts.

9) Wind Release: Pressure Blast: This technique is a rather versatile Wind Release. It sends a burst of concentrated air from Kazeatari's hands once he claps them together to end the hand seals that are needed to knead the move (Bird, Snake, Boar, Tiger, Ram). Depending on the amount of chakra used and will of Kazeatari, he can either turn the move into a blast that ranges from a maneuverable smaller blast to a widespread force.
Drawbacks: This move can be completely countered out by sending it back to Kazeatari with a supplement enough Fire Release technique or by stopping it completely with an Earth Release technique. Depending on the amount of chakra used it can only be used once every 3 - 10 posts.

10) Wind Release: Finger Bullet - The user pressurizes the air around a fingertip and fires the "bullet" of wind at the opponent. The bullet itself is invisible until fired, giving a tactical advantage to the user and enabling sneak attacks. The power of this technique is dependent upon the amount of pressure generated to form the bullet, and it takes up to one post to form a bullet with the maximum damage output. While the bullet itself is not devastating, due to how small it is, it has the ability to punch through steel and when aimed skillfully can deal a fatal blow. The bullets travel at high speeds but as they are composed of air, their impact power deteriorates with distance and due to this they are only effective at up to mid-range. A skillful user may form multiple "bullets" on each finger with each bullet at a different pressure and aim each accurately to deal varying degrees of damage to different targets. The "bullets" are most often fired from the index finger while the hand forms a "gun" although when multiple bullets are formed the fingers are simply pointed at the target. Due to the high speeds that the bullets are fired at they may only travel in a straight line and due to this are easy to dodge if the target can match their speed. When performed by Kazeatari, he is often heard adding a comical "Bang" sound afterwards.
Drawbacks: As mentioned, the bullet deteriorates with distance, so it can only be used at a mid-range, close-range battle, given the situation and circumstances. It can easily be out-maneuvered, and completely stopped with a sufficient enough Fire Release technique or Earth Release technique. It can be used on multiple accounts, so once about every two posts is sufficient enough.

11) Water Release: Water Trumpet - The user launches a large jet of water from their mouth through their hand. This gives the appearance of playing a trumpet, hence the name.
Drawbacks: The move can be countered sufficiently with a powerful enough water release technique to counter it, an earth release technique to catch it, or a lightning release technique to catch the user in lightning, with possible intentions of catching yourself in your own counter as well. Due to the amount of chakra used to make the move, it can be used once every 5 posts.

More moves will be added soon. I just need to finish working on other things with the group.

Personality: Much unlike how he looks, Kazeatari is extremely friendly and comical when it comes to talking to people. He's very philosophical and he's able to offer insight on most situations that happen to find their ways to him. He sees himself as a great leader to his village, and others as well acknowledge him for his wisdom and advice that he offers whenever anyone needs it. He doesn't think of himself as a being higher than a human, and he gives his mutual respect to everyone. He dislikes fighting, but he will fight if he needs to in order to protect what's close to him and/or in order to survive.

Goals: To further expand Tetsugakure and spread the peace between Rogue Ninjas and the other major villages.

Dak | Kazeatari Tenkuu

Note to self: Be sure to add more jutsus and work on the image and appearance of character.
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