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Post by SabreOrchid on Tue May 05, 2015 11:39 pm

Oh goodness, sometimes I find myself indulging in romance manga just for the sake of bashing my own non-existent love life. Anyways, I came across this really interesting manga that caught my eye, the art work is very nice, in my opinion anyway ( the characters eyes aren't as big as their heads).

  The main character is unpopular due to her lack of care in appearance. Kinoshita Mairu is known as ' the poison mushroom'. Her name may be cute but her face is certainly not (yet). Mairu has never bothered much about what she looked like, she always knew and self pitied herself for not being as pretty as most girls. She constantly blames herself for everything and never makes an effort to stand out in the crowd. However, a certain occurrence convinces her to change her appearance to make her more noticeable.

  Kumada Tenyuu, the schools most attractive male has never taken an interest in romance, especially associating himself with other females. In the beginning, when he helps Mairu with various relationships, it is revealed that Tenyuu is skillful when it comes to transforming an ugly duckling to a swan.

  I hope you'll be able to enjoy the manga as much as I did. It was something that helped past time and served as an excellent entertainment. I do have a problem with the way Mairu acts at certain times, in some parts she's constantly depending on others and she's just hopeless when it comes to love Laughing . The only reason I continue to read this is because I just enjoy the plot so far. It may seem like it's dragging on forever but I just hope it gets better. Enjoy!

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